Things we are working on.


As a dedicated builder of Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft, VK Universe is committed to pushing the boundaries of aviation technology. VTOLs represent a revolutionary leap forward in aircraft design, enabling them to ascend and descend vertically, defying traditional runway limitations. Whether it’s the thrill of developing cutting-edge drone technology or crafting full-scale manned VTOLs for urban air mobility, VK Universe’s mission is to create versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions that redefine the way we travel and transport goods. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we soar into the future of aviation together. 

Solar Roof

VK Universe is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions with our state-of-the-art solar roofs. Harnessing the power of the sun, our solar roofing systems seamlessly integrate renewable energy generation into the very fabric of your home or business. We’re not just providing roofs; we’re delivering clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy solutions. Our commitment to innovation ensures that each solar roof installation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also maximizes energy production, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. With VK Universe, your roof becomes a source of power, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills simultaneously. Join us in embracing the sun’s potential and revolutionize your space with our cutting-edge solar roof technology.

Industrial 3D Printing

VK Universe is your gateway to the world of advanced industrial 3D printing for both industrial and automotive applications. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we’re reshaping the way industries manufacture and innovate. Our cutting-edge 3D printing technology allows us to produce precision-engineered components, from intricate industrial parts to high-performance automotive components, with unparalleled efficiency and customization. We understand the demands of modern manufacturing and automotive industries, and our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every 3D printed part we create meets and exceeds the highest standards. Trust VK Universe to elevate your production capabilities and redefine what’s possible in industrial and automotive manufacturing through the power of 3D printing.

CANbus and LIN Automation

VK Universe is at the forefront of cutting-edge automation technology, specializing in CANbus and LIN systems. Our expertise lies in creating seamless communication networks that empower industries with unparalleled control and efficiency. Whether you require intricate automation solutions for automotive, industrial, or any other sector, VK Universe has you covered. Our innovative approach ensures that CANbus and LIN systems are seamlessly integrated into your operations, enabling real-time data exchange and precise control, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced downtime. With VK Universe, you can trust in our commitment to delivering automation solutions that drive your business forward, making your processes smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more competitive in the rapidly evolving world of automation.